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Compton Sheriff's Department

The Compton Sheriff’s Station is located in the heart of the city of Compton at 301 S Willowbrook Ave Compton, CA 90220. It is the job of the entire station to make sure that the city of Compton and it’s neighboring cities are safe at all times.


Because this is not as big as an actual police department, the people of the station rely on the help of the much larger Los Angeles Police Department. However, even though this station is smaller than most departments, they are still entrusted with the safety of an entire region, which makes their job more difficult. The Compton Sheriff’s Station has made it their mission to set a permanent relationship between the residents and the police where they both work together to make the community a better place to live in.


The men and women in law enforcement are dedicated and make sure that they are an integral part of the community by volunteering at events and being great neighbors. Each of the officers in the Compton Sheriff’s Station must go through intense training before they are hired into the department. They must first complete the police academy, which will make sure that they are properly trained and are experts of all of the laws of the state of California.


Once they get to the Sheriff’s Station, they will go through some more extensive training done by the LAPD to make sure that they could handle any situation that they may encounter while on duty. This station has its own social media which allows the community to be directly connected to the Sheriff’s Station and they could all be notified directly, which means that more people will be aware of any events or news regarding the police and the community. They also have a Civilian Volunteer section which allows residents to volunteer their fee time to help make the community a better place to live in by being an extra pair of eyes for the officers patrolling the city and helping with road blocks. So with all of these aspects of the Sheriff’s Station put into effect, Compton has become one of the safest places to live in the greater Los Angeles County.


When you are arrested in any of the cities mentioned above, you will most likely be taken to this Sheriff’s Station, which is where you will be held until you are bailed out of jail or transferred to the County Jail. The inmate’s case will most likely be sent to the Compton Superior Courthouse and that is where he or she will have to fight his or her case.

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