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The bail bonds process in Compton.

In most of the Los Angeles County cities including Compton, the bail bond process is similar. When an unfortunate person is arrested, they will guide him to the Compton sheriff's station located at 301 S Willowbrook Ave, Compton, CA 90220 except if he suffers from any critical medical condition.

After the defendant’s arrival to the Station, they will confiscate all his belongings for safekeeping and then they will register his personal info and photos to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s database. That’s the booking process.


Then, via a machine called Live Scan, they will send the inmate’s fingerprints to the Department of Justice to make sure that there are no pending warrants and that the arrestee is not wanted by any other law agency. Usually, the results are available to the Jailer between 30 minutes and several hours. Then, it will be determined if the defendant is cleared for bail.

During your first communication with one of our highly trained and experienced agents, he or she, will ask you some questions about you and the arrestee and he or she will communicate with the Police Department to learn all the details of your beloved one’s case to be able to explain to you whatever you need to know about the bail bonds person.

Then an arranged appointment between you and one of Sunrise Bail Bonds Compton agents will take place to help you fill up all the necessary paperwork so he or she to be able to deliver them to the jailer and if everything is as intended to start the process of your loved one’s release. That takes around 30 minutes to couple hours depending how busy the jail is.

The Jailer is going to inform the arrestee about his or her court dates. It is essential for the defendant to do not miss those court appointments. In case the arrestee will not appear, the court is going to bench a warrant and your loved one is going to return back to jail.

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Why Should You Choose Bail Bonds Compton!

Our agency is serving the great city of Compton many years now and we helped its people to get released from jail in thousands of cases. Our agents are highly skilled and extremely experienced and that’s the reason they are so respected around the bail bonds industry.

We understand that the moment you receive the call with the bad news about your loved one, you will feel alone, frustrated and confused. It is an overwhelming moment and very stressful especially if you have no previous experience. There are hundreds of bail bonds agencies in the internet and is very hard to choose the best for your case.

We are confident that we are the right choice for you due to our record of successful releases and the high level of our agents’ services and behavior. We are available to you 24/7 and from the first call we assign a personal agent to you so you can communicate better and do not waste any vital time. Your agent is going to guide you and advice you through the whole process and he will not rest until your loved one is back to you under your custody.

One more reason to choose our agency is the fact that we completely understand in how rough times we all live lately and how broken the economy is. It is logical that you may not be able to come up with the 10% of the bail bond amount and for that reason we offer many different payments plans and financing. If you choose to finance the bail bond, we may need to collect some kind of collateral depending the case.

Your personal agent gladly is going to help you to understand all your payments options and choose the right plan for you. We are looking forward to accept your call and help you bring back your loved one as fast as possible and easy. Call us now!

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How bail bonds work in Compton, CA!

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